• beshdarbûna di Binala 53 ya nêvnetewî da li Vênesia-Italya 2009 li sernavê Planet Kurdistan  


Born in Duhok, Kurdistan Iraq in 1963.

Fehmi Balay  has not only been a student of art but also a teacher. In the past up to the current day,  has presented his paintings at different art exhibitions all throughout Germany. However, art has not been his only occupation;  he has taken leadership positions at Kurdish institutions in the capital city of Germany and is currently the Chief Editor of the Rengiz magazine.


Art is the product of human creativity; it is known to be a necessary need of living. With the inner feelings and desires, the artist can build a world of fine beauty. This art was an integral part of the ancient human beings’ life 30 thousand years ago, which is apparent from the pictures on the mountain stones and walls of caves such as “Shaneder Cave, Bestun Mountain and Cermo village around Wan province and many other places in Kurdistan and the rest of the world. These were the early foundations of the artistic history in this region, especially the Mesopotamian civilization which has taken the art in the right path to today’s world. Art was a necessity for communities, as with its beauty and fineness was reaching ones inner thoughts and feelings, taking them to hidden life to reach the truth of things and enjoy it. Art with all its forms like “Music, melodies, plays, stories and pictures…etc” has introduced human’s history to us, of which the European renaissance is an evidence, and work of Michelagniolo and Ludovico di Lionardo bear witness to this. The Western art history has also been enriched with the work of Goya, Rembrant, Picasso, VanGogh, Cezanne and Kandinsky …etc…which has shown us the beauty and love of life and nature.
If we look back at the art history of the Kurdish people we will see that at the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the creative art heritage such as Sherefxane Bitlisi and Abdalxani and the classic literature of Feqe Teyran, Ahmedi Xani and Mele Ciziri were early stages of our arts but remain as resources. This on top of the fact that the nature of Kurdistan itself is one tableau of beauty enabling one to be creative to produce pieces of beautiful art and present them to humanity.
Today tens of Kurdish Artists find refuge in the west as a result of the destruction and war against their land and population. Many of those creative artists have been dispersed all over the world who are now finding their work as part of the universal art and work within that framework. Tens of exhibitions that have opened in the world have included the works of Kurdish artists too as art is a universal language. Art being a universal language, is necessary to exist in all stages of life, in order to build bridges to communicate with other cultures.
Colours are very important in this type of art as well as lines and emptiness especially in the contemporary art. Colour resembles the music to be seen when you look at a tableau and feel it. It resembles a lively music, a melody which is to be seen as Paul Klee says “we have to see the tableau when we look at it”, which happens through the lines and colours of the tableau.
Any creative work which has an impact on ones inner feelings is an art work. There have been many definitions for art as well as many views and different expressions, but all have one objective; “creativity and artistic” that has managed to impact others. If we compare art and nature; can a tableau be a resemblance of nature? or does it include changes? As an answer we can see that this very much depends on the way the artist see things with whatever creativity and modernity reflected in his/her reality and desires. That is why life, human being and art form a massive world providing happiness.
Nature is the main sources for the beauty of art; it is the source for intellect and different civilizations. In the different historical stages human’s instincts have driven them to reach beauty and fineness through art.
Our fundamental aim from the artistic tableau is to present beauty and pleasantness to all, being able to move feelings and sensations, forming a world without sensors, limits and borders, thus enabling all colours and views to be included to provide peace and freedom to all humanity.


1984 Duhok/Iraq
1985 Neynewa/Iraq
1986 Duhok-Hewler-Suleymani/Iraq
1988 Baghdad/Iraq
1993 Duhok/Iraq
1994 Duhok/Iraq
1996 Dessau/Germany
1997 Berlin Gallery 66/Germany
1999 Berlin Gallery 85/Germany
2000 Berlin Gallery at the Kurdish House of Culture/Germany
<!–[endif]–>2000 Radebeul Karl-May-Festival/ Germany
2000 Berlin Gallery Awadani<!–[endif]–>/Germany
2001 Berlin/Germany
<!–[endif]–>2002 Berlin Club Spittel-Kolonnaden
2003 Berlin/Germany
2004 Berlin Gallery Awadani<!–[endif]–>/Germany
2006 Berlin Gallery of Art and Ceramics/Germany
2006 Hannover-IIK association/Germany<!–[endif]–>

Group exhibitions
1983-1986 Yearly at the Institution of Fine Arts Neynewa/Iraq
1984 Ibn Esîr Gallery Neynewa/Iraq
1986 Duhok-Hewiêr-Suleymanî/Iraq
1987 Kawa Gallery Duhok/Iraq
1988 Raschid Gallery Baghdad/Iraq
1989 House of Culture and Literature Duhok/Iraq
1992 Gallery Shehid Selman Duhok/Iraq
1996 Gallery Kurdish House of Culture Berlin/Germany
1997 Gallery Media Brussels/Belgium
1998 Gallery Kurdish House of Culture<!–[endif]–> Berlin/Germany
2000 Workshop of Cultures<!–[endif]–> Berlin/Germany
2001 Office of Culture Spandau <!–[endif]–>Berlin/Germany
2002 Iraqi Association of Culture Al-Rafidedain<!–[endif]–> Berlin/Germany
2003 Gallery (Lichtenberg) Berlin/Germany
2004 Iraqi Association of Culture Al-Rafidedain<!–[endif]–> Berlin/Germany
2005 Gallery of Duhok/Iraq
2006 Workshop of Cultures<!–[endif]–> Berlin/Germany
2006 Gallery Theatre Berlin/Germany<!–[endif]–>


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